The famous Scott Plank’s ( War Horse Cities is currently making plans to create a multi-housing development in Hollins Market. The project is going to be known as Hollins Square Homes. The project is set to take anywhere from three to five years to complete, providing homes to those living within the area. War Horse is making plans to roll out the first phase of the construction project which will include five renovated row homes as well as 11 beautifully designed town homes.

All About the Housing Project
What makes the project so important to people living within the area is that the Hollins Square Homes will be just a block away from the Hollins Market, providing people with an easy and convenient way to do their shopping close to home. The non-profit arm of War Horse Cities is planning a $2 million-dollar development of the Baltimore City marketplace. This project is currently in the design phase and initial construction will begin later in 2018. War Horse themselves have put an estimated $6 million dollars into the Hollins Market housing development and plans to put an additional $20 million dollars into the community construction.

The company will construct five of the 11 town homes across from the Arlington St. entrance to the marketplace. Three of the lots will be in grass lots on the corner of Hollins St. Two of the homes will be where the former outdoor patio area was located for Cockey’s restaurant. Several of the homes will be renovated from existing buildings that are already located on the premises.

Construction and Price of the Project
War Horse Cities has recently worked on taking down a few dilapidated homes and buildings on the block of Hollins St. In the place of these older homes, the company plans to build six garage town homes specific for larger families. It was stated during the demolition of these buildings that residents were happy to see them come down because of the appearance they were giving to the neighborhood.

In the first phase of the project, the company will be renovating four row homes on Hollins St. and a variety of other local streets across from Hollins Market ( The starting price for most of the homes within this plan will be $308,000. The homes will be relatively large and will be ideal options for smaller and even larger families, with the biggest town home being 2,174 sq. ft. Mills, who is head of the War Horse Cities project, has said that the design that he’s looking to give the homes will be interesting and unique. The renovated homes will be less expensive and more affordable for families on a budget.