The Contract
Ricochet Company, a manufacturer of protective clothing for firefighters had stopped some of its 20 workers from working since the customers had not been buying the clothes close to nine months. Then there came a tender of $67.6 million from the department of defense which could help the company to get back on its feet. The targeted $10 to $15 million tender from the Air Force is equivalent to triple the present annual revenue of Ricochet manufacturing company. The company, due to high order capacity decided to hire utmost 30 sewing machine workers to do the job. The contract was divided into two, where $44.5 million was to be catered for structural garments while $23.1 million was for the proximity garments.

Identifying a supplier
According to Ricochet’s President, Peter Askey, they were granted that tender by the Air Force defense simply because they provide high-quality products and the gear and apparel were an ideal fit. Also, the other main reason for them being chosen as the main supplier is that they possessed strong logistics and procurement solutions.

Constituents of the garments
When entering any scene that is engulfed in fire, the garments provided by Ricochet are essential since they are made of an outer shell that is impervious to flame. Most of their structural garments contain a thermal blockade that shields from heat & steam, and chemicals that splash. And their proximity gear is made of silver suits with aluminized fabric.

Ricochet will look for other means of getting capital to cater for the two contracts since it doesn’t have enough manpower to sustain its operation during the process. It has $750,000 low-interest loan from PIDC (Philadelphia Industrial Development Cooperative) which was offered in December.

A Secondary Partner
In addition to Ricochet, a Virginia Beach based company – ADS – was awarded a piece of the contract since they have some of best experience in serving the defense industry. They are a perfect pairing as ADS has strong logistics and supply-chain solutions; serving all departments in the U.S military, law enforcement, and first responders. ADS is also listed in the top 50 contractors by the Dept of Defense based on giving answers to challenging issues from the customer by producing goods of high quality and providing services.