There are a number of really great business schools that you can attend in Bucks County. But if you are looking for the top percent, I have them right here. Now some of you might want to know why you should consider going locally for a really good business school, instead of relying on the national schools.

Staying local is the more beneficial way to go for a number of reasons. For one, staying local supports the community more. You are more likely to find a friend who goes to the same school. The local business schools are supported by the tax payers and they enrich the lives of those who give back within the community. You are also more likely to find a reduction in costs when applying to a local business school. The national ones end up being too expensive. With the local ones, you can deduct certain expenses, specially if you belong to a local church or some sort of meet up group. The local business schools give the same kind of education that the national ones do, yet you won’t need to travel very far to get the education.

That’s another benefit to attending local business schools, the reduction in gas costs. When you travel a hundred miles too and from school, that is a lot of wear and tear on your car. That can also add up to a hefty bill when it comes time to fix your car. By staying locally and not traveling as much, you are not wearing out your car’s tires. You are not putting a great deal of mileage on it either. That means that your car will remain in better condition for a lot longer.

So what are some of the top business schools in the county?

1) The Lansdale School of Business. It’s located at 500 Horizon Drive in Chalfont. It’s one of the top schools to go to and it’s been that way for many years.
2) The Department Business School. It’s located at 11000 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA. It sits between Comly Road and East Roosevelt Boulevard. It’s right in the heart of the Somerton neighborhood.
3) The Lansdale School of Business. This is another location for the above-mentioned school. It’s in North Wales on Wissahickon Avenue. If you are familiar with the first one I mentioned, this school has the exact same criteria.
4) The School Store. This one is located in Colmar, PA. For those that are familiar with Old Bethlehem Pike, it’s right on there. It’s near the intersection of Old Bethlehem Pike and Line Lexington Road.
5) Katherine Gibbs School Philadelphia. It’s in Norristown, PA on Monroe Boulevard. It’s right near the intersection of Monroe Boulevard and PA-363. It’s one of the premiere places for a business school education in Philadelphia.

There are just the top select schools, but as you can see they are some of the best. Go online today and look up the school that is nearest to you.