According to a July 29, 2019 article from the Richmond Register, there may be around 1600 new jobs heading to Kentucky. Written by Tom Latek, the article reveals that The Bluegrass State’s job boost comes from five companies, some of which have been already operating in Kentucky. The article also highlights that the announcement of the new jobs came from the office of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Atlas Air Worldwide Holding, Inc. will be investing more than $34 million to move their operations center to the city of Erlanger. Setting up shop near the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the air cargo company will be hiring around 600 new employees.

Faneuil, Inc. hopes to employ 450 people by the year 2021. More than 5,500 people currently work for the company that is set to open a new call center in Lexington. The company’s focus is U.S. customer service outsourcing.

As part of a $10.5 million investment, El Toro Internet Marketing, LLC hopes to make work available for 400 new employees. The company will be making a move to the NuLu neighborhood from its current downtown Louisville location. The relocation should be completed by 2020.

Leasing a 22,000 square foot facility in Mason County, PatienTech LLC will be creating around 100 new jobs through a $1.8 million investment. The producer of tech-enabled healthcare products is relocating their production operations from Canada.

MegaFit Meals LLC will be preparing more than meals in the coming years. The company will be adding 50 new jobs and investing $2.9 million into Kentucky’s economy. The company plans to build a 16,000 square foot production facility in Benton.

Latek closes his article by mentioning that the new jobs are also being created through involvement of the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority. The group approved tax incentives for all five companies.