The word Islam is derived from the Arabian root word “Salema” meaning peace, submission, obedience, and purity. Religiously speaking, the word Islam means “submission to the will of God.” The Islamic religion began in 610 A.D. in the Arabian city of Mecca. It is believed that the religion was founded by a man believed to be the final Prophet in a long line of prophets (Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad). According to Muslim belief, Muhammad (founder of Islam) began receiving revelations from God (Allah) through the angel, Gabriel. Such revelations were then collected into a book of 114 chapters. The book is called The Quran and is said to be the word of God.

Dr. Mohamed Attawia believes helping and supporting those in distress is an essential practice and quality of Islam which exemplifies their belief in brotherhood. According to the Prophet Muhammad “If a person relieves a Muslim of his trouble, Allah (God) will relieve him of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection.” There are numerous organizations devoted and dedicated to providing relief to those distressed in Islamic areas. For example, “Life for Relief and Development” was founded by professional Iraqi-Americans with the goal of providing assistance to persons in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, and Sierra Leone. “Mercy-USA for Aid and Development” strives to improve health, and promote growth in economic and education worldwide. “ICNA Relief” is designed to uplift those who are under served via shelters, food storerooms, clinics, disaster relief efforts, and refugee services. This is just a partial list of available services to those in need.

There are, also, many celebrities associated with organizations offering relief to the distressed worldwide such as “UNICEF” supports the world’s children via raising funds, advocacy, and by providing education to the children and their families (introduction once made by Emma Watson), “AmFAR” is dedicated to ending global AIDS through research (Sharon Stone-Campaign Chair), and “UNHCR” seeks to ensure that every person has the right to safety while displaced in another place/state with the option of returning home and re-establishing themselves and their families (George Clooney-advocate). In addition, there is an organization that inspire other organizations and employees to support the causes they care so much about. That organization is “American Charities”. They provide resources to those nonprofit organizations seeking to change the world in a positive way. American Charities is located in Chantilly, VA.