When we think about famous people and their lives, we do not often consider the private side of their daily life. Famous or not, we have all gone through trials and tribulations and have relied on our communities, mentors, and family members to help us along the way. Often celebrities choose to give back to the local people and communities that helped them to their success. Some of these successful business people offer their expertise and knowledge to smaller businesses to aid in their success. This often leads to the use of ecommerce to compete with larger organizations. All of these examples are true samples of the generosity and love that some of the most successful people on earth share with us.

When thinking of community businesses helping the local community, Paul Newman’s name comes to mind. By creating his famous line of food called Newman’s Own, he has been able to contribute all of the proceeds from the sales to a variety of charities that directly benefit the local communities and families. Mr. Newman further contributes by paying all of the administrative costs of the Newman’s Own brand foods so that all of the money is 100% contributed to the causes. To benefit families he started the Hole in the Wall Gang residential camp for seriously ill children. These camps are located in the US, Ireland, France, and Israel. This organization serves over 13,000 children every year at absolutely no cost to them or their families. In 2008, he donated over 20 million dollars to various charities. One of these charities was the Catholic Relief Services, which helped the Kosovo refugees to which he contributed $250,000.

Many times celebrities will use their status to help by using their success to invest in smaller businesses thus driving up the bottom line for both parties. They portray a good example of this action on the reality television show Shark Tank. This reality show hosts five distinguished and self-made millionaires whom listen to the proposals of budding entrepreneurs. When the inventor has a unique and interesting product, the millionaires bid against each other to be able to work with the entrepreneur. In this case, the big business celebrity is loaning money to new businesses, giving them the needed boost or start up to their success.

Once small business get a start in the world of sales, it is important to develop some type of communication and advertising to get your business noticed. The use of ecommerce by small business is a key to success. By the use of the internet to list and sell products, it puts small business on the same sales field as larger businesses. With a well thought out and attractive web site and page and low or reasonable pricing, even a small business can compete with larger competitors. Many celebrities use social media to blog or tweet about local businesses that they visit thus adding to the validity of ecommerce by driving business to their establishments.