It is a known fact that Franklin Haney Company has begun to notice redeveloping in the area as more wealth is poured into the city through tourism and residencies. Washington D.C., especially among the government buildings, has been growing a reputation for implementing environmentally friendly building features that are hot on the market. The new and sustainable green technology which is combined with the redevelopment of old neighborhoods is making Washington D.C. real estate companies more successful.

Some of the top real estate government property development include:

Peterson Companies

This real estate company is one of the largest real estate development companies in Washington D.C. This company offers development services for office, commercial, residential, as well as for real estate estates. This company has not only developed government properties, but has also developed over 30,000 residential units. Successful residential units are in areas such as Fairfax, Burke Center, Fair Lakes, and Tysons McLean.

PN Hoffman and Associates

This particular company involves affiliates and subsidiaries that provide designs, construction, sales, as well as marketing services. This particular company involves bringing development and real estate to the people of Washington D.C. As of 1993, this company has already built over 28 developments in the D.C. area. This company was even selected to redesign Washington’s Southwest Waterfront.

Douglas Development

This company is one of the largest privately owned real estate development companies. In Washington D.C., this company is proud to say that it has successfully completed more than 180 redevelopment projects. Some of the most notable projects that this company has worked on include the Woodward & Lothrop flagship building as well as Chinatown’s historic town. This particular company not only features portfolios that contain commercial offices, but also retail and residential properties.

The Bozzuto Group

This company is headquartered in Washington D.C. This company provides a wide range in services along the mid-Atlantic coast that has led to much development in government buildings in Washington D.C. This company, for over 25 years, has acquired over 35,000 different residential areas. Some of the most notable developments include the Newseum Residences, Capital Yards, The Ellington, and many other important buildings. This company, in addition to that also manages over 40,000 apartments that spread thoroughly across the Northeast area. All of these residential areas have been redeveloped and developed to become popular areas in Washington D.C.