Craig Robins, founder of Design Miami, shares how he met Jackie Soffer, owner of Aventra Mall. He explained how Jackie Soffer sued him for private jet fees but once they met in person they did not want to fight anymore legally and they married in 2015. Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer recently decided to show off their art filled NYC duplex which was bought 20 years ago.

The couple decided to enlarge, and reconfigure the apartment so that there was more room to be creative. The couples taste in art differs, but coming together makes these pieces stand out, and come to life. Jackie likes art pieces that make people happy while Craig robins like provocative and unusual pieces.

The couple comes to a common ground when it comes to decor. They like white and plush decor to give their apartment a sophisticated upscale look. By doing this the couple can bring focus to their art pieces which they see as the most important d├ęcor in the room.


Robins states that his art obsession started when he was attending college in Barcelona where he started collecting Baldessari. As a couple, Robbins and Soffer love contemporary pieces that ties in to history.

Because of the apartment expansion Robbins shares how he was able to help his family during Hurricane Maria for 10 days. He says that the apartment has a lot of storage for his obsession with fine art. He also explains how it is hard for him to downsize due to him not being able to pick from his growing collection.

Since Robins has a lot of social power, he is mainly spotted among the stars at house parties, or accepting the request from well known designer late Zaha Hadid who insisted on Decorating his Miami bathroom. Zaha Hadid showed her hatred for the tub that Soffer picked out and had to fix it.

Soffer says that their ongoing social life is because of Robins. They continuously have guest, and their kids are exposed to many famous people. She explains that a good marriage is all about compromise. She finds ways to make sure that Robins can do the things he likes. For example, she went on an 11-day camping trip. While her husband surprisingly moved his laced, gloved chicken feet from the side of the bed, due to Soffer being a vegetarian.