In the busiest city in the world, it is an inevitability that one will run into an accident, injury, or uneasy situation where legal systems need to be involved. In these instances, people want the best representation to ensure that their rights and needs are being attended to at the greatest capacity possible. Luckily, when choosing an attorney, there are a vast number of options and offices available to the citizens of New York City.

Many of these law firms specialize in certain areas of interest and have representatives readily available to help see to the people’s needs and ensure a speedy and beneficial resolution to their legal situations. For those unfamiliar with the options available in New York City, here is a brief overview of a few of New York’s finest law firms and the variety of legal areas they base their practices on.

Starting off at the top of the list is the law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton. Founded in 1931, Debevoise & Plimpton have successfully expanded their firm to an international level, setting the standard for thoughtful, ethical and modern law practice across the Americas, Europe and Asia. With an impressive span of areas of practice including but not limited to Private Equity, Finance, Internal Investigations, Securities and Business Restructuring, this particular firm specializes in the areas such as Litigation, Corporate and Tax Law. Debevoise has outstanding practices that often have a cross-border focus due to the firm’s international approach to law practices, as well as partners like Sean Hecker. It is without question that this firm is one of the highest rated and most recognized names in law offices of New York.

Another noted law firm in the New York area is the offices of Morelli Alters Ratner. This office holds a record for unprecedented success and has represented a number of celebrities and companies throughout the world. With a combined legal expertise of over two centuries, this class act team of lawyers specializes in areas like Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Work Place Injuries and Corporate Law.

Ending this brief overview of top law office is The Sultzer Law Group. A relatively new group founded in 2013 by Jason Sultzer, this group has in just over a year established itself as premier boutique litigation firm across the nation.

In summary, New York City boasts a wide range of high end law offices for every person in every situation or need.