Debevoise and Plimpton will be adding Simon Witney, a private equity attorney who has been with King & Wood Mallesons, to its London office in late January. Witney will join the company as a consultant and will be relinquishing his role on the management board of King & Wood Mallesons. He brings to the table a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the areas of corporate law, corporate governance, and regulatory issues. He is well-known in the business sector as a private equity specialist, having advised the U.K. government in a number of matters over the past two decades.

Witney comes to Debevoise, a global alternative investment law firm, to direct the investment management/funds team that currently advises more than 2,000 private investment funds with a total amassed capital value of more than $2.5 trillion. Headquartered in New York, Debevoise and Plimpton LLP advises clients on legal matters dealing with private equity, hedge funds, and the more traditional assets.

Erica Berthou, the current global head of the investment management/funds group at Debevoise, says that Witney “will help us continue guiding our clients through” the challenges of regulatory shifts and economic turbulence with his proven track record. That record includes successfully turning emerging trends into practical actions that clients can apply to ensure a stable future. Partners working with Debevoise in New York City include Sean Hecker and Gregory Gooding, among others.

Not only are there significant challenges ahead, but the expectations of customers continue to grow, making the addition of Witney even more important. The current transfer of power in the United States has already seen its financial markets affected. Markets will continue to reshape themselves and require the expertise and leadership of Simon Witney. He is comfortable in the team centered approach and looks forward to becoming an integral part of its future success.