Physicals are becoming standard fare for companies who are hiring CEOs, and the reasons are quite interesting. This article explains how large corporations want to protect themselves from a major catastrophe that would be precipitated by the death or illness of an executive. Everyone who is considering executive recruitment must begin to think of why a physical is a good idea, and there is a discussion of what the physicals may reveal.

#1: Physicals Reveal Infirmities

A CEO who is physically infirm may not be the best choice for a large corporation. The corporation has a right to expect stability from their CEO, and someone who takes an executive position with an illness could throw the company into turmoil in the future. Avoiding such turmoil is the task of the company’s board of directors, and they may steer clear of people who are not all that well.

#2: Physicals Could Save Lives

It may not be enjoyable to turn away a candidate who has a bad physical, but someone who performs poorly on a physical may choose to turn their life around after the physical is completed. There are several executives who may choose to exercise and eat right, and their families benefit as much as their next employer. Everyone who plans to apply for an executive position must consider the ramifications of ill health especially when they have the resources to solve the problem.

#3: Serious Illnesses My Be Discovered

Serious illnesses may be discovered in a physical that an executive candidate may not be aware of. These illnesses need to be treated so that the executive may live a long and healthy life, and they may return in the future for another position. Every physical is given to assess the health of the candidate for the benefit of the candidate, and lives will be saved when the physicals are given as a routine fixture of the hiring process. Executive recruiting professionals including Dennis Carey are quick to point out that companies sometimes invest millions into their executive search.

Everyone who is applying for an executive position must be prepared to have a physical as part of their application. The physical is a protection for everyone involved, and anyone who takes the physical seriously may learn something that will improve their life. Families will be saved the heartache of loss, and businesses will be far more stable with executives who are physically and mentally fit. Recruiters must consider how to administer a physical before beginning their next hiring project.