Also known as Capco, The Capital Markets Company is a technology consultancy and global business that is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. The company does have centers spread throughout the world in almost every major market. This includes Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. In the United States it has its financial headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, the largest city in the state.

The Capital Markets Company has been around for nearly two decades, as it opened in 1998 with locations in its present Antwerp, New York, Frankfurt and New York. The next year, The Capital Markets Company went on to open another office in Paris. The company continued to expand throughout the next several years and, by 2001, it had changed its official, global name to Capco. In order to provide financial information to its clients and those interested in it, the company started to produce the Journal of Financial Transformation and is printed by its own Capco Institute.

The company provides different financial services and helps manage industrial banking, retail banking, risk and compliance, capital markets and more traditional finance. It also works in technology, wealth, digital platforms and investment management. By doing this, the company has been able to expand its services around the world and specialize in all sorts of different platforms. In some shape or form, according to The Capital Markets Company, the company has worked or currently works with nearly three quarters of all global financial institutions.

With the services the company provides, it has continued to expand rather rapidly since its original opening in 1998. By 2004, the company had established a strong presence throughout Germany and not just in Frankfurt. It opened offices in Bangalore, India and brought in 100 new employees throughout these different offices. Over the five years after that, the company opened up new offices in Toronto, Canada, Chicago, Washington D.C., Geneva and several other locations. It also started to offer more services, based on the location of the office. With different financial requirements in different offices, the company decided to provide a wide number of informational services to clients. By 2012, the company had 16 different offices around the world, including new branches in Orlando and Hong Kong, which now serves as the base office for all Asia and Asia Pacific finances.

With how fast the company has expanded, there is no telling how much further The Capital Markets Company can grow.