New York City has long been a staple for couples looking to host fantastical weddings, so in this article we will be looking at some of the best spots around to tie the knot. Now the big apple has plenty of great scenery to be sure (and quite a bit more that isn’t so pretty but for the sake of harmony we will pretend that doesn’t exist) but not every vista is good for a wedding. This isn’t of course a static statement, tastes will always differ, but weddings are about love, warmth, feelings that are compassionate, tender and a little bit volatile. That being said, you probably wouldn’t want your wedding to take place in a Burger King or a back alley no matter who you were (there will be that one guy though). You probably would, however like the Apple’s famous Long Island landmark, The Foundry.

The Foundry

The Foundry is located in Queens and was once a Nineteenth Century actual metal foundry (obviously, hence the name). It became famous for its somewhat grandiose and baroque exterior and was the site of numerous photo shoots, big name events and, most notably, weddings! NYC attorneys Maria del Carmen Hinojosa and Sean Hecker married here in 2002. It is a uniquely ambient place with plenty of room for seating (boasting a capacity for over one hundred and twenty five people) with room for double that amount provided outdoor tenting.

Central Park Boathouse

Second on our list of four is the fabulous and somewhat garish Central Park Boathouse. The Boathouse is located in Central Park and features regal patios, palatial windows and all the dressings you’d expect from a favored haunt for the Big Apple’s elite. It has a huge seating capacity (about 90 to 170 depending on your furnishings) and has long been a quintessential destination for those ready to make their vows.

The Lighthouse

Third, but no less importantly we have The Lighthouse. Located on the grand old Hudson River, The Lighthouse features truly remarkable views of the storied river as well as phenomenal catering. However, all the garish trimmings will cost you so plan ahead accordingly.

Prince George Ballroom

Lastly, there is the spectacular, one and only, Prince George Ballroom. Ballrooms, whether in novels, movies or real life have long been a mainstay in the world of big, festive weddings. And with a ballroom as magnificent as this it’s no small wonder! The Prince George is an old and storied luxury hotel, created in 1904. Recently it’s undergone an extensive restoration project so that it’s nearly the same as the day it was built. If you wanted to have a truly memorable wedding it would be hard to top this one.