Sun Valley is one of the most attractive business conference resorts in the US. It is a popular destination for business executives and celebrities in Blaine County, Idaho, near Ketchum city. The city is conveniently accessible via the Friedman Memorial Airport. The Sawtooth National Recreation area lies close by and can easily be accessed via Gelena Summit. The cool Wood River Valley air makes Sun Valley a great place to hold seminars or conferences.
Top level businesses choose Sun Valley as their desired conference venue for many reasons, one of which being the fact that the city is as spectacular as the vision every business executive has for his or her company. The resort can host conferences of varying sizes, from simple workshops with a few attendees to full scale seminars with a thousand or more guests. Sun Valley resort has all the charming state-of-art facilities needed to cater for all types of business seminars and conferences. Workshop attendants can even take time off from their busy schedules to enjoy golfing, tennis, cycling, trail riding, and skiing during winter.

Sun Valley hosts a number of top level conferences each year but none comes close to the annual Herb Allen Sun Valley Conference. This is a media finance conference organized and hosted by the New York based investment company, Allen & Company. The event is held once each year in the summer month of July. The conference features some of the biggest names in business, political, and philanthropic spheres. Former conference attendants have included famous names such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, NBA player Lebron, and Rupert Murdoch just to mention a few.

The 2015’s July conference guests included Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors. The conference takes a week of engaging discussions about the country’s economy and emerging trends in the world of business. Besides concerted talks on the state of economy, guests engage further in power lunches and chi-chats where top business moguls discuss and often close major multi-million dollar deals. These business engagements are enhanced by the ambient and conducive atmosphere at the Sunny Valley Resort.