Businesses have been using recruiters like Korn/Ferry Nels Olson to find the talent that they need for specific jobs for many years. (Headhunters) being the more popular term. This article will serve as a quick summary of some of the best and most popular agencies in the DC area.

Lucas Group

The Lucas group has been around since 1970 and have been delivering quality for just as long. They are very popular in DC and have clients worldwide. Their exclusive partnership with the (Wall Street Journal) may have a bit to do with their fame in DC and abroad as well.

Heindrick and Struggles

This firm specializes in finding senior level executives of the highest quality for their clients. They are the world’s first (Leadership Advisory¬†Firm) and have been in business for over 60 years. They also specialize in CEO succession. is where to look in DC if you are with a business or represent a company that is in need of quality designers or marketing pros. They will be sure to help you find the right qualified person for the job. It is also a site for potentially interested future employees. So whether you are looking for an employee or a future position to fill, this can be a good start.

Korn/Ferry international is known well in the DC area for anyone in need of a talent management professionals. Though they operate in the DC area, the focus of their recruitment stretches worldwide for best results. They canvas the globe so you do not need to. This of course saves time and money.

This firm is a jack of all trades when it comes to finding talent for you. Whether it is business professionals, educational, government or non profit and the list just keeps going here. With over 300 consultants at their dispatch they can cover a huge variety of demands for talent.

One more popular firm to visit would be (Russell Reynolds Associates). They also network globally and provide excellent service to boot. They specialize in CEO Succession, Planning, Board Composition and Evaluation, and more than these here. It is just another reputable firm for those in the market for that shining star for their booming business.